BREATHAPRENE (polymeric foam (NR + SBR)) is a mechanically foamed material. The process results in an open cell foam that allows the material to breathe, preventing sweat from being retained and helping the human body to regulate its own body temperature, which makes it a second skin.

It is the perfect alternative to non breathable polychloroprene where breathability and permeability are required, and is also ideal for applications that require antibacterial and antiodor treatments.

Breathaprene is the result of applying cutting-edge engineering technology to comfort. Its key features are:


Breathaprene acts as a permeable membrane that allows the body to complete its transpiration process without encountering blockages, thus preventing the overheating of the skin. This results in more efficient sweating and the elimination of moisture, maintaining the perfect balance between body and environment.


The open cell structure of Breathaprene maintains a layer of air in its interior, making the cooling process very slow. This requires the body to produce less energy in order to maintain its thermal balance.


The structure of Breathaprene, incorporating elastic polymers, provides a multidirectional elastic capacity, providing high-dimensional stability. This allows the fabric to stretch and be manipulated without breaking or deforming.


Breathaprene Natur (with natural polymeric foam) and Free (with SBR polymeric foam) feature open cell structures that accelerate their biodegradation. The entire range of Breathaprene products are recyclable and are incorporated into Breathaprene Free Recycled, avoiding environmental contamination.


Waterproof, maintaining the characteristics of the product regardless of external conditions. Ideal for external uses such as the upper area of footwear, goalkeeper gloves, etc.